Meet the team

2015/2016 Psyched! Team Bios Coming Soon! 


Faculty Advisor



Ashley Whillans (Founder and Past-editor)

With the support of Professor Mike Souza, Ashley started the Psyched! Newsletter as a 4th year psychology honour’s student. Ashley started the newsletter in hopes of creating a place for students to find out more about the exciting opportunities and to find out more about the exciting research taking place at UBC and beyond.

Meghan Buckley (Past-editor)

Under Meghan’s leadership, the Newsletter completed its transformation from the print format to its current online format. Meghan’s dedication has helped the newsletter to establish a solid online presence.

Bo Buckley (Past Graphic Designer)

Bo generously designed the entire website and provided on-going support. Her creativity and professionalism are well appreciated.

Charlie Deng (Past Editor)

The organizational development of the newsletter was a highlight of Charlie’s leadership. He successfully built the largest team of reporters, HR assistants, and editing assistants the newsletter has ever had.


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