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A letter from your editor

A Letter from your Editor   On student engagement and why the PSA is your friend By: Sumeyye Cakal   With the new term in full swing and midterm season already here, you’re probably busy pushing though those exams and assignments. You may also be feeling like you don’t have room for much else in … Continue reading


Q & A with Dr. Souza

Q & A with Dr. Souza  By: Stella Domnich   Dr. Michael Souza is an Instructor I in the Learning Enhancement area of the Department of Psychology. With respect to teaching, he spans a variety of 100, 200, and 300-level courses and has a particular interest in brain injury and recovery. With service, he is … Continue reading


Can daydreaming make you smarter?

Can Daydreaming Make You Smarter?  By: Sahiba Walia   Have you ever found yourself daydreaming in class or while crossing the road? Or imagining yourself as a Marvel character after watching the Avengers? Mind wandering is a way of life for most of us. “Us humans spend as much as 50% of daily cognition on … Continue reading


Life Away from Home

Life Away from Home   Can Homesickness be Good for You? By Paula Concepcion   I remember watching the mid-day news near the end of August as they covered move-in day at the various UBC residences. I remember seeing the students entering their rooms for the first time, all their luggage in tow, knowing full … Continue reading


Bringing mindfulness back to school

Bringing Mindfulness Back to School By Rina Lai   Welcome back to school! I am sure every one of you have successfully registered for your courses, checked off the booklist, and begun studying for midterms – if not taking them already! Perhaps you are still enjoying the last bit of the warm touch of the … Continue reading


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