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Et tu, Brute?

Et tu, Brute? How Man’s Best Friend Uses Our Weaknesses Against Us By Kristy Dindorf  Haryanto Take a walk anywhere in Vancouver and you’re more likely than not to run across that one person who treats their dog like a child. Often looking slightly embarrassed and long-suffering, these pets scurry along behind their owners in … Continue reading



Persuasion The Power Of A Single Stare By Alice Fleerackers What’s the easiest way to change a person’s mind? Does the secret to convincing others lie in the logic of your argument, the tone of your voice, or the quantity of your bribe? In fact, recent research by Chen, Minson, Schöne, and Heinrichs (2013) suggests … Continue reading


Changes Heading Your Way

Changes Heading Your Way By Naiomi Neufeld UBC is a thriving hub of activity. Every day there are new projects and initiatives underway calling for your attention. Add courses and a social life to the mix, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the activity. With so many other concerns rivalling … Continue reading


Freshmen 15

Freshmen 15 And What To Do About It By Rachel Choi “Freshmen 15.” To most young adults entering university, this is a term that they dread hearing, especially for those who decide to live on residence. Simply put, these two words refer to the tendency for college students to gain significant amounts of weight (usually … Continue reading


The Typhoon Haiyan and The Philippines

The Typhoon Haiyan and The Philippines A Wake-up Call By Jazmin Ysmael In light of the typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines, how inclined are people to assist with global relief efforts? Are there differences between expatriate Filipino donations, and the donations of those with no ties to the Philippines?  Considering the official government responses, do … Continue reading


Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology And How To Get In By Zarina Giannone For many undergraduate psychology students, graduate school is seen as a favourable future option because it allows them the opportunity to gain specialized experience and knowledge in their field of interest. I have, however, often also found tremendous confusion and hesitation from undergraduates on which … Continue reading



Beauty What Makes People Beautiful? By Paula Concepcion “You don’t know you’re beautiful. Oh oh. That’s what makes you beautiful” So sings One Direction in one of their most popular hits to date. Indeed, something about hearing these famous words never fails to bring a smile to the listener’s face. But, is One Direction correct in … Continue reading



Science Stepping Outside the Drawers By Charlie Deng You might feel a little bit anxious after reading Kino’s extensive coverage on publication bias in our previous issue. After all, it makes us question, can we trust the current state of psychological knowledge? Are we participating in science or is this voodoo magic? Such hard and … Continue reading


Live Fast, Die Happy

Live Fast, Die Happy Mental Motion and Mood By Alice Fleerackers Its 1:00 a.m. the night before the final exam you just started studying for. Your heart is pounding and your hands are shaking from the obscene quantities of extra large Tim Horton’s coffees in your system. Although you try to focus on the words … Continue reading

Positive Mood

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy The Link Between Exercise and Mood By Zarina Giannone All throughout our lives, we’ve been told to exercise three to five times a week for at least a half an hour each time. We tend not to question this recommendation because, when we do manage to squeeze in a work out, we generally … Continue reading


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